Audio Coding Using Wavelet Transform


This project investigates advantage of using cheap nfl jerseys the Wavelet Transform to encode the audio BOOST signals. The Wavelet Transform is widely used in both cheap nfl jerseys still image and video processing however is wholesale jerseys rarely used on audio coding. S?hk?autojen Because the bandwidths of the wavelet bands can be quite flexible and can be wholesale mlb jerseys adjusted to approximate the critical bands, it 12, Congratulations may lead to high-efficient audio coding. The project deals with an application of the Wavelet Transform for Chill both lossy and inizio lossless audio coding. A general wavelet-based coding scheme and its realization cheap nfl jerseys structures, divided into three wholesale jerseys cheap NBA jerseys un layers, are designed Fr?ck and evaluated in the paper. The first layer is cheap mlb jerseys wholesale nba jerseys a simple lossless encoder with a low compression ratio. The second layer encoder employs a simple psychoacoustic model to wholesale jerseys suppress the quantisation noise below the Quadratic cheap NBA jerseys hearing wholesale mlb jerseys threshold. The most advanced third layer encoder uses a more complex psychoacoustic model to achieve high perceptual quality with lower bit cheap NFL jerseys rate. The encoders are designed to have Company wholesale jerseys low complexity and low delay to facilitate real-time operation on low power Beruf devices. There is an wholesale nba jerseys identical decoder for all the three layers as the scalability is a desirable feature in the project.

Research activities

  • Wavelet filter bank based Your perceptual audio coder
  • Wavelet filter bank based psychoacoustic model
  • Critical band rate
  • Perceived and audio quality assessment
  • Comparison of robotic the audio coders cheap nba jerseys performance


František Kadlec, Jan Nováček, Hsueh Ming Hang


NCTU – National Chiao cheap jerseys Tung University, (Taiwan)

Funding sources

MSM wholesale jerseys 6840770014  – “Research in cheap jerseys China the Field of Information and Communication Technology”
NSC 97-2221-E -027-044 – cheap jerseys grant by National Science Council (Taiwan, ROC)