DEIMOS – database of images


The DEIMOS (Database of Image: Open Source) database is created as an open-source database of images and videos for testing, verification and comparing of various image and/or video processing techniques such as enhancing, compression and reconstruction. The main advantage of DEIMOS is its orientation to various application fields – multimedia, television, security, assistive technology, biomedicine etc. The DEIMOS will be created continuously based upon the contributions of team members.

Research activities

Development, testing, verification and comparison of various image processing techniques require suitable database of test images. The DEIMOS, an open-source database of images and videos, offers visual content for various fields of image processing such as enhancement, compression and reconstruction. Currently the database addresses general multimedia images and videos, 3D stereoscopic content, High Dynamic Range (HDR), security, astronomy and medicine.

The extensive content of the database covers wide range of different types of images across various fields like for example security, astronomy, multimedia technology and medical imaging. The DEIMOS is created as a result of long-term activities of the team members working in various areas of image processing for more than last 10 years.


Miloš Klíma, Petr Páta, Karel Fliegel


Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology, Brno University of Technology

Funding sources

GACR P102/10/1320 – “Research and Modeling of Advanced Methods of Image Quality Evaluation
GACR 205/09/1302  – “Study of Sporadic Meteors and Weak Meteor Showers Using Automatic Video Intensifiers Cameras”
MSM 6840770014  – “Research in the Field of Information and Communication Technology”