Measurement and Analysis of Electro-Acoustic and Audio Systems


The project concern of novel technique for analysis of nonlinear distortion of electro-acoustic and audio systems. The method is based on the combination of a Sweep sine Wave signal Technique (SWT) and a Multiple Input Single Output (MISO) nonlinear modeling. The signal driving a system under test is a logarithmic sine wave sweep. The response of the system under test is acquired and used in a convolution with swept sine wave “inverse filter” response to obtain a set of transfer functions. This set of transfer functions provides information about harmonic distortion. These transfer functions are further processed. Then the system under test can be modeled as a MISO nonlinear model, consisting of a parallel combination of nonlinear branches containing filters and memory-less power-law distortion functions. Such a model facilitates determination of a nonlinear response to the input signal. This method was used to analyze transfer functions of various components of electro-acoustic systems. It was applied to testing of recording and reproduction equipment for audio signals, including equipment for their further digital signal processing. During testing of multichannel systems, the method enables evaluation of not only individual channels, but also their mutual interaction.

Research activities

  • Measurement and analysis of linear systems using sweep sine signal technique
  • Multiple input and single output non-linear model
  • Measurement and analysis of electro-acoustic and audio systems with non-linearities
  • Measurement and Analysis of Equipment for Transmition of Audio and Multimedia signals


František Kadlec, Antonín Novák, Laurent Simon, Pierrick Lotton


UM – Laboratoire d’Acoustique de l’Université du Maine, Le Mans (France)

Funding sources

MSM 6840770014 – “Research in the Field of Information and Communication Technology”¨
The framework of the program “Cotutelle de thèse” by the French Embassy in Prague