OFT sectorization analysis of optical scattering in calomel single crystals

OTF sectorization

Calomel single crystals have a great potential for applications in IR polarizers and acoustooptic tunable filters. We used the optical Fourier transform (OFT) for analyses of optical scattering in the latest generation of calomel single crystals. The scattering level is a crucial parameter of the crystal quality. The proposed approach is based on a high dynamic range OFT configuration and its spatial angular distribution analysis based on the spectrum sectorization. The optical scattering pattern was tested in nine locations within each crystal sample volume using various crystal samples.

Full Title: OFT sectorization approach to analysis of optical scattering in mercurous chloride single crystals

Authors: Petr Pata, Milos Klima, Jan Bednar, Petr Janout, Cestmir Barta, Radek Hasal, Luca Maresi, and Semen Grabarnik

Published in

Optics Express, vol. 23, no. 16, August 2015