Tomáš Lukeš
e-mail: office(s): B3-543 phone(s): +420 2 2435 2113 fax(es):


  • Ph.D. Student


Tomáš Lukeš has acquired a broad basis of techniques and knowledge concerning image processing, computer vison and related programming tasks developed at the Facutly of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague and during his stay at the University of La Rochelle, France in the master program Mathematical Engineering and Image Processing.

In 2013, he finished his master project devoted to super-resolution methods for digital image and video processing. He continued in this work and started his Ph.D. project on February 2013 in a collaboration with the Biological Imaging Laboratory at the Institute of Cellular Biology and Pathology at the Charles University, Prague. His research interests are image processing, microscopy image analysis and advanced optical microscopy methods.

Tomáš Lukeš is currently working in the Laboratoire d´Optique Biomedicale at EPFL in Switzerland within a SCIEX project. He is focusing on structurred illumination microscopy and super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging methods which enable to improve spatial resolution by overcoming the diffraction limit of light.


List of Publications

  • T. Lukeš, A. Sharipov, S. Coquoz, S. Geissbühler, P. Sandoz, G. van der Goot, M. Leutenegger, S. Jakobs, T. Lasser,”Dynamic cell imaging based on 4D SOFI, Focus on Microscopy, Goettingen 2015