Jakub Pospíšil
e-mail: pospij27@fel.cvut.cz office(s): T2:B3-544 phone(s): +420 224 352 113 fax(es):


  • Ph.D. Student


Jakub Pospíšil was born in Jinřichův Hradec, Czech Republic in 1990. In 2015, he received his master diploma from Communications, Multimedia and Electronics program at Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE), Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague.

Jakub Pospíšil is a PhD candidate at Czech technical university in Prague, Faculty of electrical engineering, Department of radioelectronics (http://mmtg.fel.cvut.cz/) under the supervision of Prof. Miloš Klíma and Dr. Karel Fliegel. His main area of interest is super-resolution microscopic image processing and analysis for applications in cell biology. He is particularly focused on the development of related advanced digital image processing algorithms.

Currently, Jakub works on image quality assessment problem in super-resolution SIM, especially on the analysis of reconstruction artifacts and assessing resolution in super-resolution reconstructed images. The work is conducted in close cooperation with Laboratoire d'Optique Biomédicale (Prof. Theo Lasser), EPFL, Switzerland, and BioFrontiers (Dr. Guy Hagen), University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, USA.


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