uivln – download here

uivln - download here

Due to many requests I publish here my old script for acoustic waveguides modeling in Matlab. Keep in mind, that the code is very old, so the GUI is very poor, not-optimized and not user-friendly:-) The main script is called uivln1.

Also keep in mind, that this is one-dimensional model based on Webster’s equation, so the solution is limited only to the plane wave condition. (for small wavequides or low frequencies).

Description of the GUI you can find in
Rund, F. “Modeling of Acoustic Waveguides in Matlab.” Proceedings of International Conference Technical Computing Prague. 2005.
The theory behind it was published in
Rund, F. “Modeling of acoustic waveguides using electro-acoustic analogy: Application to the human ear canal.” INTER-NOISE and NOISE-CON Congress and Conference Proceedings. Vol. 2004. No. 3. Institute of Noise Control Engineering, 2004.

If you find the script useful, please cite the above provided references.