Virtual auditory space for the visually impaired


The project deals with the binaural localization of sound sources. The problem can be accessed from many points of view, the project is aimed at the area of sound sources virtual positioning. The main issue of the project is to try to answer the question, if the virtual source positioning methods can be used as a help for visually impaired in three-dimensional orientation. The suitable method for the source virtual positioning will be designed and optimized. To implement the method, the VST plugin is developed, serving for test purposes and comparison with other methods. The results of the project will be tested on both, visually impaired and unimpaired.

Research activities

  • HRIR measurement – calibration & test
  • Algorithm test interface

The interface for virtual positioning algorithms testing was verified in Matlab and then implemented as VST plug-in.

Funding source



František Rund, Dominik Štorek, Ondřej Glaser, Miroslav Barda