Open Audio Lab

The Open Acoustic Lab is a space that is open to students of all programs and offers the opportunity to work on their own projects – designing and manufacturing equipment (not only) for acoustics and audio signal processing.

AV studio

AV studio provides support and space for work, creative work and teaching. The studio has 2 parts: the main studio room and the control room. It is located in T2:B3-552.


The Methodical Center for Digitization, Restoration, and Presentation of Video and Audio Records (MEDIG) serves as an interdisciplinary platform for the informal exchange of experience, advisory, analytical, research, and educational activities and the implementation of specific projects.

Metodické centrum pro digitalizaci, restaurování a prezentaci obrazových a zvukových záznamů slouží jako mezioborová platforma pro neformální výměnu zkušeností, poradní, analytickou, výzkumnou a vzdělávací činnost a realizaci konkrétních projektů.